Students Explore Sag Harbor’s Soggy Future

The Guild Hall Teen Arts Council and Sag Harbor based architect Nilay Oza will share their collaboration, The Sag Harbor Backyard Bathtub Project, at Kidd Squid Brewing Company in Sag Harbor on Friday, May 10 at 7:30 p.m..

Like any coastal community, the effects of a changing climate are tangible to our lived reality on the East End. Our current means of dealing with these changes — planning, zoning, and private development – need to be supplemented to meet these challenges. 

The Sag Harbor Backyard Bathtub Project is an ongoing initiative to publicize and deal with these issues of local climate resilience through the eyes of young people.

Over the past few months, Mr. Oza has worked with the Guild Hall Teen Arts Council (GHTAC) to investigate their personal connections to the issue, resulting in the creation of several public art works ranging from video projections and designed buttons to site-specific installations. With an emphasis on the term “bathtub,” GHTAC’s works bring awareness to the issue through humor and play – inviting participants to enter a serious and pressured issue with ease. The evening will feature GHTAC’s public works, alongside the research, video pieces, and topographic maps gathered throughout the project by Mr. Oza and his collaborators. Food & drink will be available for purchase at Kidd Squid Brewery, located at 11 Spring Street in Sag Harbor.

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Beth Young

Beth Young built her first boat out of driftwood tied together with phragmites behind her family’s apartment above the old Mill Creek Inn in Southold. Nowadays, she spends most of her time kayaking, learning about shellfish, writing newspaper stories, trying to sail a Sunfish, and watching the way the bay changes from day to day. You can send her a message at

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