Dr. Gobler to Give “State of the Bays 2017: Hope at the Brink” Address

This Friday, April 7, 2017 Dr. Chris Gobler will give his annual “State of the Bays” address in the Duke Lecture Hall of Chancellor’s Hall on the Stony Brook Southampton campus. 

In 2016, Long Island experienced a series of coastal water body problems that justified many concerns. These events included outbreaks of brown tides, toxic algal blooms, acidification, and fish kills. All of these occurrences are directly and indirectly linked to excessive nitrogen loading. In addition, rapid warming of coastal waters are compounding these negative effects.

Currently, scientists and policy makers around Long Island are working vigorously to improve the water quality through the implementation of technologies and ‘in the water’ approaches that will reduce nutrient loading to reverse the negative trends in water quality and fisheries.

Come join Dr. Gobler as he explains the current problems facing the Bay and the hopeful diagnosis. There will also be student presentations and a Q&A. 

Student Posters: 7 – 7:30pm
State of the Bay: 7:30 – 8:30pm
Discussion & Student Posters: 8:30 – 9pm

Beth Young

Beth Young built her first boat out of driftwood tied together with phragmites behind her family’s apartment above the old Mill Creek Inn in Southold. Nowadays, she spends most of her time kayaking, learning about shellfish, writing newspaper stories, trying to sail a Sunfish, and watching the way the bay changes from day to day. You can send her a message at beth@peconicbathtub.com

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