Amagansett Maritime Heritage Day Goes Virtual

The Second Annual Amagansett Maritime Festival is going virtual this Saturday, with programs celebrating the rich and unique story of the Amagansett community and its relationship to the sea.

The event is a joint project of the East Hampton Historical Society, the Amagansett Livesaving Station, the Amagansett Library and the East End Classic Boat Society.

Marianne Howard from the East Hampton Historical Society will tell the story of Amagansett’s very brave and had-working haul-seiners in a 10 a.m. session on the Historical Society’s Facebook page.  Call ahead to 631.324.6850 x4 to pick up a coloring book which will accompany this program. 

The coloring books will also be available for pickup at the Amagansett Free Library at 215 Main Street, along with all the supplies you need to make your own copy of “My Amagansett Boat Book,” a DIY booklet for children and families featuring historic boats that have sailed in Amagansett waters.   

A step-by-step video on how to assemble the booklet will be available on the library’s Instagram account (@amagansettfreelibrary) and website

The Amagansett Life Saving Station is producing a short documentary entitled “Resurgence,” which gives a bird’s-eye view of the migration of marine mammals off the coast of Long Island, specifically East Hampton and Southampton.

The film captures the beauty and grace of some of the world’s most elegant and synchronized ocean predators. Visit their website for more information.

The East End Classic Boat Society has also produced a video, “Steaming and clamping the garboard plank,” in conjunction with the event. Visit their website at for more information.

Beth Young

Beth Young built her first boat out of driftwood tied together with phragmites behind her family’s apartment above the old Mill Creek Inn in Southold. Nowadays, she spends most of her time kayaking, learning about shellfish, writing newspaper stories, trying to sail a Sunfish, and watching the way the bay changes from day to day. You can send her a message at

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